"See that? I'm Unstoppable!"

[Magic anon status: none]

Tracks: thenumberonestruggler

Sup! Name's Hayner. But you can call me "AWESOME"! I live in my home town, Twilight Town. I love fighting in tournaments (see you at the Struggle!) and just having fun. OH! And gotta love that Sea Salt Ice Cream (I eat it everyday!). Seifer and his goons are no match for me and my best friends; Olette and Pence. We show'em who's boss! Love the beach too. Can't go without watermelon! Well, if ya need anything, let me know and I'll get right to ya'! You can either pay me in Ice Cream or Watermelon!...Or Munny....either's fine by me! If you get a watermelon, we should totally hit the beach!
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wondrous-olette x thenumberonestruggler

"Hey Olette~ How’re you doin?"